Universal Cargo Logistics Holding is the International transportation group, its companies perform transportation of cargoes by railway and river-sea transport, handling of cargoes in Russian ports, render logistic services and also perform cruise activities.

UCL Holding employs about 17000 people.

Holding consolidates several railway operators working at the territory of Russia and in a number CIS and European countries, stevedoring companies in the North-West and South of the country, Volga, North-Western and Western Shipping companies, a number of shipping and logistic assets both in Russia and abroad.


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UCL Port B.V.

Strawinskylaan 3051,

3rd floor,

1077ZX Amsterdam,

the Netherlands

Tel: + 31 20 301 2186

Fax: + 31 20 301 2202

E-mail: info@uclholding.nl